Configuring push notifications for Android

Push Notification messages will pop up on your users' phones, even when the app is not running. Notifications are managed through "Notifications" tab on your App Management panel.

NOTE: Push Notifications is a premium feature, only available for apps on a premium plan.

IMPORTANT: in order to enable Push Notifications in your app, you should configure the Google Push Notification Service on the Notifications page.

  • Select "Android" as a target platform and click on "Configure" button to configure the Android Push Notification Service:

  • If you have not configured Google API project yet, click "create one now" link:

  • Log into your Google account on (or register if you do not have one:
  • To set up the push notification service in your app you have to create a Google API Project ( . On the page, click "Create project" button:

  • Type in your project name in the popup, then click "Create" button. Project ID will generated automatically.

  • In the project list choose the one you've created and click it. On the next page choose "APIs & Auth":

  • On the next page, enable "Google Cloud Messaging for Android" (switch the trigger in ON state):

  • Select "Credentials", and then "Create New Key" button in the "Public API access" section:

  • In the popup choose "Server key" button (do not mix it up with "Create Browser Key" button):

  • On the "Create s Server Key and Configure allowes IPs" popup, click "Create" button (leave the "Accept requests from these server IP addresses" field blank):

  • From the "Key for server apps (with IP locking)" section, copy the API key provided:

  • Go back to iBuildApp website and paste that API key to the "Server API key" field.
  • Go back to the Google website, refer to "Overview" section, find the  Project Number and copy it:

  • Go back to iBuildApp website (Notifications page) and paste your Project Number into the "Project ID" field. (we are working on updating this text to reflect Project Number in order to prevent confusion)
  • Click "Done" button:

  • Now you can start pushing notifications to your customers!


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