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    Q: How can I create in-app purchases with

    Select In-App-Purchase widget as a page type and click “Add” button in the “Apple In-App Store” section to add a new in-app purchase:

    iBuildApp supports 3 product types:

      1. Hosted with Apple (non-consumable) – Your product (music, video, large files, etc) is hosted with Apple. Apple will store and deliver your product for iOS6.0 and higher (if you want your app to support iOS 5 and below, upload the content on a remote server and provide that URL).IMPORTANT: You should setup an in-app purchase with iTunesConnect before adding it on iBuildApp.
      2. Hosted on remote server (non-consumable) – Your product is stored on a remote server (it can be any downloadable content, including youtube video, pdf files, web page, etc). You provide the download URL and the content will be delivered within your app.IMPORTANT: You should setup an in-app purchase with iTunesConnect before adding it on iBuildApp.
      3. iTunes store product – Display products from iTunes store (apps, music, video, books) within your app.NO setup is required on iTunesConnect.Read more on how to sell on iTunes:

    For the first two product types (Hosted with Apple and Hosted on Remote Server) you will be asked to enter the Product ID. It should be the same Product ID you’ve entered for your in-App purchase in iTunesConnect. Copy the Product ID from iTunesConnect and paste it as shown in the image below

    For the iTunes Store product type you need to enter product’s Apple ID. Apple ID for a product can be inferred from its iTunes Preview URL link. In any iTunes product link (for apps, music or books) find the part of the URL beginning with id and use the number that follows.

    For example, the direct link to a product is:

    For the app you published, you can find the Apple ID from iTunesConnect:

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    Q: Setting up in-App Purchase

    Before you start setting up your mobile storefront please make sure you are signed up for the Apple Developer Program and filled out the necessary banking and contact info.

    There are three types of products you can create in iTunesConnect:

    • Consumables (the user is charged every time when purchasing the product),
    • Non-consumables (the product is purchased only once. Apple automatically takes care of "remembering" those purchases and allows the user to purchase them again for free, just like downloading apps you already purchased)
    • Subscriptions (purchasing updating and dynamic content).

    IMPORTANT: iBuildApp platform only deals with non-consumable products (photos, videos, pdf and other documents, etc)

    First step towards embedding a store into your app is to create an App ID for the app:

    • log into the iOS Developer Center, select the "App IDs" tab, and click "New App ID"

    • Fill out the page by entering a description and bundle identifier:

    Bundle identifier should be very unique otherwise it will be declined.

    Once you’re done, click Submit – you’ve just created an App ID! Now you can use it to create a new app on iTunes Connect:

    • Log onto iTunes Connect, click "Manage Your Applications", and click "Add New App" (or select an app if it’s already exists – if you’ve selected existing app, go ahead and start Managing In-App Purchases). Choose iOS App. Then enter an App Name, SKU number, and choose the Bundle ID you just made as shown below

    • The next two pages will ask you for your app’s information. Just put in placeholder information for now – you can change it later:

    Please make sure to enter in every single item and select to ‘upload binary later’, otherwise iTunesConnect will not allow you to move further.

    Now that you’ve decided with your app, you can go ahead and start managing your in-App purchases.

    Managing In-App purchases with iTunesConnect

    Before you add a product with iBuildApp, you should setup in-App purchase with iTunesConnect

    • Click on the "Manage In App Purchases" button, as shown below:

    • Click "Create New" in the upper left:

    • Select "Non-Consumable" type of in-App purchase (no other types are supported with iBuildApp!)

    • Then you’ll be taken to a page to enter some info about your in-app purchase:


      • Reference name: This is what shows up in iTunes Connect for this in-app purchase. It can be whatever you want since you won’t see it on your storefront
      • Product ID: unique identifier that identifies your in-app purchase. Apple recommends using the reverse DNS notation, something like, com.mycompany.myiproduct.ifeature.
      • Cleared for Sale: select "Yes" – this in-app purchase is available for users as soon as the app becomes available
      • Price Tier: select how much this in-app purchase should cost
    • Scroll down to the Language block and click "Add Language":

    • Fill out the pop up form:

    • Select "Yes" if you want to host your product with Apple:


      When selecting "Yes", you need to create your .pkg files via XCode. Please refer to, "Creating .PKG files" section, to get more info on how to create a .PKG file.

      NOTE: Apple will deliver your product only for iOS 6 and later. In order to support earlier iOS versions, you should upload the product on another server and provide that URL on iBuildApp.

      When selecting "No", you’re responsible for hosting your content (i.e. it can be YouTube server for video, your own server, or iTunes).

    • Add description (optional) and screenshots (required). Then click ‘Done’ – and you’re finished with this in-app purchase!

    Add as many products as you need.

    Read more here: .

    NOTE: in-app purchases cannot be used to deliver product updates. Every time you update in-app purchases you should submit updated binary file.

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