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It was time for a redesign, so we recently released a sweet design with fresh elements for a cleaner and more functional Facebook Business Page on your mobile app.

All you need is to paste in your Facebook Business Page username and maybe change around the color scheme to coincide with your current branding.

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What can users do with the new Facebook Business Page feature?

Users have the chance to view your photos and video galleries with the click of a button.

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The Like button sits at the top of the page, and a full count of how many followers you have is listed at the top as well, which is ideal for giving your company some credibility.


As a user scrolls down through the Facebook Business Page feature they see a clean feed of all your past posts, including photos, text posts, videos and more. The coolest part is that people can click to like, comment on or share the posts, directly from the comfort of your mobile app.

Overall, the new Facebook Business Page redesign is built for interactivity, allowing you to talk with your customers and understand their concerns. 

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