Google Calendar

Would you like to provide your users with your schedule or any other? There’s no problem to do that with the use of Google Galendar.

First go to and login under your account. Refer to your calendar and choose the one you would like to see in your app. Click the small triangle next to the name of the calendar you want to share ("My Calendars" section on the left sidebar of your screen), and choose "Calendar Settings".


Refer to "Embed This Calendar" copy HTML code provided.


Then return to and embed "Google Calendar" into your app. As soon as you are ready with that you can paste HTML code as shown below:


You are done!

NOTE: to make sure everyone sees your calendar it should be public. To do that refer to "Calendar Address:" (just under "Embed This Calendar" section) section in Calendar settings and click "Change sharing settings" link:


Check the "Make this calendar public" box to share your calendar.


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