WuFoo Form

1. In Step 1 (Functionality), click Add New Tab.

2. Create a Tab Title, select WuFoo Form Tab from the Tab Function drop-down, and choose an icon or upload your own. Save your changes. (You can change all this information later.)

3. Go to Step 2 (Content) and click on your new tab. Here you'll integrate your WuFoo form(s). Before moving onto steps 4-5, check out the WuFoo Form Set-Up instructions below.

4. Once you've created your form and copied your permanent URL, click Add WuFoo Form. Fill out the info and click Save Changes at the bottom when you're done.

  • Give your form a Name. This will appear in the app.
  • Paste your form's permanent URL in the URL field.

5. That's it! Back in the main tab view, you can edit or delete your new form, or continue adding additional forms to your tab.

Note: You'll maintain your forms completely through your WuFoo account. Any time you update your form on WuFoo's site, those changes will be reflect in your app.

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