Catalog Shop: WooCommerce

You may bind your Woocommerce shop to your mobile application.

At first be sure that your Permalinks don’t contain “?” symbols and use only “/” symbol. You may check it on your site’s admin page section: “Settings”  “Permalinks”  http://(YOURSITENAME)/wp-admin/options-permalink.php

As default value there will be Plain, it is incorrect, you need to switch it to another method. Please check a screenshot:

!!!NOTICE: if you will switch Permalinks to another format it may affect your site's structure if you use direct links.


1) First step to get Woocommerse shop in your application will be adding Ecommerce widget to your application:


2) Then you may push “Import Catalog” button and “Integrate with my WooCommerce Store” option:


3) Please enter your Host name. It is your site’s main page URL:


4) Go to your Woocommerce site’s Admin Panel in a section “WooCommerce” “Settings” “API”, then push “Keys/Apps” and “Add Key”


5) Enter Key Detailes: Describtion (name of a Key) and choose “Read” permission. Then push “Generate API Key”.


6) On the next step you need to copy Consumer Key and Consumer Secret to your widget on iBuildApp, you may use Copy buttons

!!!NOTICE: you will see Consumer Key and Consumer Secret only at once. When you live that window it will be impossible to go back and copy them once more.


7) Now you may push “Strat Import” Button. Import will take a few time. If it was successful you will see your categories and items in a simulator window.


8) Some changes on your WooCommerce site like add product, update product or delete product may be provided automatically in your application. You need just to setup Webhooks. Go back to your WooCommerce API settings and push “Webhooks” button. Then click “Add Webhook”


You need to create 3 webhooks for 3 different topics: Product Created, Product Updated  and Product Deleted.


For each webhook you need to add Delivery URL and Secret (you may get it in Ecommerce widget settings). Be sure, that your webhooks have Active status.


As result you will see 3 webhooks:



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