We are glad to release our new feature that can be used as a payment gateway in your application without the hassle of credit cards or Apple pay/Google Pay sematics. It is known by one simple name: PayPal. Below are some steps to get started in implementing this payment system in your app so your clientele now has another flexible method of paying for goods and services provided by your business.

Step 1


First things first, you need to have a PayPal merchant account. You can use the link below to get started on that:

Back on iBuildApp, proceed to your app, add the Paypal widget and start by: adding your PayPal email or Merchant ID, specifying the currency you wish to use, as well as adding the reason for payment (Payment subject).

Make sure to Add the "Auto-return URL" from paypal for the customer to review the purchase.


Step 2


Now is your chance to enter all the options you would like your customers to purchase. Mini-Golf club pack? IT Services? Babysitting?? The Payment Option name is the field to specify those services and products which you'd like them to pay for.

Alternatively the Show Other Amount checkbox allows for clients to specify the amount they would like to send to you and indicate the reasoning behind that in the Reference Text Field. Once you're finished, proceed to that Save button and you are now able to receive payments via Paypal!


Here's an example of what the new payment page would look like on the user-end:


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