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Login feature provides a login page to prevent users from moving forward unless they have the proper Login information.

1. How Does the Login Feature Work? 


You have two options when using the Login Page feature:

  • The first allows you to prevent users from accessing the entire mobile app, meaning that the login page reveals itself right after someone downloads the app to their phone and opens the app. This is obviously ideal for companies that don’t want any customers seeing what the app is all about.
  • The second option is to place the login page before a specific feature or page in your mobile app. So, for example, maybe you run a membership program, where the members get exclusive access to coupons in your mobile app, but you still want your regular customers to view the rest of the mobile app. Maybe your app is meant for customer service, or selling items, yet you still need a page for your mobile employees to login and access certain functions.

2. How Does a User Get Logged In?

Upon landing on the Login Page, the user sees an option to register, which would eventually let them see the content beyond the login page.

The person can then fill in their own name, email and password for getting into the app in the future.

They can then click on the Register button to move on, and even specify that they want the phone or tablet to remember them for the future.

GoDaddy Webmail Login

The second screen is called the Login screen, which is useful for those who have already created profiles on the Register screen. The user is prompted to punch in their email and password to login and move forward to the desired app or content in an app. It is similar to GoDaddy Email Login page for Workspace Webmail

3. How to Configure the Mobile Login Screen Feature in Your App

Once you activate the Login Screen feature in your desired mobile app, go to the Edit module and click on the Manage Content section to modify or possibly add the feature for the first time. The Login Screen feature moves directly to the right side of the features list to show that it guards the gateway for users to enter. 

The first step is to ensure that the feature is On, which it should be by default. If you move the switch to Off, this will remove the feature from your app completely.

GoDaddy Workspace Login

If you want the login page to protect just one feature, select that option, and go to the drop down menu to choose which feature you would like to place the login screen in front of.

GoDaddy webmail Login


The next requirement is to choose whether you want to provide automatic access or require owner approval.

When selecting Automatic Access, anyone can create a login and access your content. When you choose Require Owner Approval, you receive a message to approve all applicants.

Email verification will prevent users from using the app or feature until they verify the email they used to register.

In short, it’s a way to prevent spam and to ensure that people intentionally signed up for the app.

GoDaddy webmail Login

The final area of concern is the Add User button, which is bright green, towards the bottom of the page. Click on this if you’d rather generate User profiles for your employees from the backend. This way, you can simply give your employees the information later instead of making everyone create their own profiles.

To add a user, type in the email, login name and password.

Click on Save. 

GoDaddy Workspace Webmail


All existing users show up in a handy little list for you to reference in the future.


Feel free to edit or delete any of the users whenever you want.


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