Inventory Feature

Inventory Feature


- Log into your account and sign in with your username and password and continue to click the App that you would like to edit.


-Click Edit and it will take you to your main page to add features, or delete features. Press the + sign to add a new feature.



-When picking a feature a list will pop up “Pick a feature for your page” click inventory.


Step 1: It will prompt you to sign in with your existing Google Gmail Account, or if you do not have an account you can create a new account.



Step 2: You will be prompt to choose a select a file from from spreadsheets documents.


Step 3: Choose the sheet in the document he would like to add to the application and string that the you would like to start with.



Step 5: You will need to do a Mapping that allows to connecting item’s parameters with Google columns. When clicking the items on the right side, it will populate to the left side of the columns.



(Please Note): In the right column only is only documents column  names and the data from the first string are being displayed. If they are absent, the “(empty)” line will be displayed).

Setting the Mapping correctly will display below a save changes button has appeared under the box.


Step 6: As you finish creating your Mapping settings the widget will be fully compatible with the Spreadsheets and the Web-simulator would display as follows:


-There are filters that are available in the features as part of the inventory by categorization and alphabetical order.



-To manually Sync information you can do so by pressing the “Sync button” and all information will be updated.


-There is an option to view the About Section with the ability to customize the photos and the ability to add in more details.


-There is the ability to view in full details about Inventory such as; Name, Category, Quantity in Stock, Date Checked, and SKU Numbers.

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