How to Test My App on Android and iPhone

It's crucial to get a feel for the progress made in any project and you probably ask yourself a question: "How to test my app on Android and iPhone?"

In order to get a feel for how your app works on your device, you can download it to your Android or iOS device and see your app in action.

If you don't know how to test your app on Android or iPhone please referr to "My Apps" on the top right corner. This will display all the apps you've currently created, at which point you can find the "Test my App" button for the app you wish to test and select the most appropriate method to get it onto your device.






Android: Simply send enter a phone number or email linked to your Android device and open the link sent via email or text to download and install your app. You will need to go to your settings to allow installations from website in order to test your app.


iPhone: Following similar instructions, send the link to your iPhone device and open it. This will prompt you to install our iBuildApp app from the iTunes App Store, which you will need to view your app on your device. Once installed, head back to the page below and scan the QR code which will open your app.




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