How to manage content in your application

Once you have created your first application on iBuildApp you can customize it as you like.

In order to edit create application just click on Edit button which is located on the app's main pannel:


After that you will be redirected to the edit menu of your application, where you can easily add or remove data, change features, upload new background pictures and many others.

In the Edit Pages you can change features' functionality or edit any information.



In the Layout section you can one of the presented features to any button you wish. Also Login Screen function can be turned on or turned off on this page.



In the Design section you can change your logo, background, SplashScreen and Color Scheme of the created application. Moreover you can easily change the template of your application (in case if you would like to add or remove any button or change buttons' location).



If you wish to save current version of your application (in case if you wish to restore changed information) you can make a backup copy of your application. In order to do that just click on Backup button and then click Create Backup



You see how simple it is to create and manage your own application! 

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