Adding audio tracks to your App

To embed music into your app, you have to provide a direct link to .mp3 file, playlist or on a streaming server. Your link should look like one of these below:

  • http://www. your_site_name/you_folder/file_name.mp3
  • http://www. your_site_name/you_folder/playlist_name.pls
  • http://www. your_site_name/you_folder/playlist_name.m3u
  • http://www. your_site_name/you_folder/ playlist_name.xspf

When you copy link from the address bar of your browser, you won’t get a direct link to a media file, playlist or streaming server. Instead, you’ll get the link to your webpage.

If you do not know how to obtain a direct link, please refer to the support team of the service you use.

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