How To Change App Template

When you switch templates, first you'll preview it on your app, and then you’ll set it as your live template. When previewing a template, only you can see that template when logged in. This allows you to adjust the navigation and customize the look and feel of the template before you display it to users. Once you’re satisfied with how the template fits your app, you can set it as your live template.

What transfers between templates?

When you try on a template, it's natural that you'll want to play around with it to achieve your perfect design. It's important to note that these changes may or may not carry over to new templates.


These changes are specific to content and are independent of your template. You'll see any changes made to these areas -- including additions, deletions, and edits -- carry over when you switch templates:

  • App Pages
  • Content posts, gallery images, products, events, and Audio and Video Tracks, Pictures
  • Features
  • Page settings (i.e. thumbnail images and URLs)

Doesn't transfer

These design and layout changes are specific to each templateYou won't see these changes you made in one template appear on another. However, all template-specific changes saved to your account, you can NOT switch back to a previously-installed template, once you saved it:

  • Style changes (i.e. fonts, colors, and backgrounds)
  • Custom CSS
  • Footer edits
  • Sidebar edits
  • Navigation changes, including the order of the pages and their titles

Step 1 - Open the EDIT tab

In the App Dashboard, click Edit, and then click Design


Step 2 - Select a template

Click Install New Template.

Screenshot 2015-12-15 15.13.45.png

On the Choose your template page, you'll see the templates that are available for your iBuildApp app.

Click on a template you like to Install Template.


The template will now appear in your Template panel.



Step 3 - Review and reorder App Pages


Start editing your site in Preview Mode. Drag and drop buttons and tabs from your old app template on the right to the new template on the left. Your pages will move to the Template



Step 4 - Set template as live


When you’re ready to set the template as your app’s new look, it’s time to set it as the live template.

Click on SAVE button to set your template live


Click Confirm in the warning message that appears.


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