Can I use my money making app ?

There are quite a few ways you can get your money making app for iPhone using iBuildApp:

  • sell your app on iTunes store,
  • connecting to your e-Commerce store or in-app advertisement.


iAd and AdMob are the best ways to get your money making app generating revenue from your native iPhone and Android apps. Hundreds of iOS developers have already used this approach to create their money making apps with more than $50,000 per quarter serving iAd rich media ads.


iAd rich media ads combine the emotion of television with the interactivity of the web to deliver a unique, compelling experience like no other on a mobile device. Users can dive into immersive ads without ever leaving your app. When they tap the ad, your app pauses and with a single tap they close the ad and resume exactly where they left off in your money making app.


Do you have more ideas how to use your apps to make money?

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