Create your App

 Step 1. Open in your browser and click "Create New Application" button.


Step 2. You'll be taken to our Marketplace. Choose an app or design that best fits your business:



Or you can choose any ready-to-go solution (or ready-to-go application) you like. Click on solution section you like the most and click on the "GO!" button.


Note: almost all templates are free, but there are a few paid ones. If you choose a paid template or solution, you will be redirected to the payment page first.

If you’re not logged in, it will ask you to login or register.



When done, you'll be redirected to the Application Management Panel, where you can customize your App (F.A.Q. How can I customize my app look and feel?) and manage your content (F.A.Q. How can I manage my content?)

Just follow all the steps from App Design page to get your App fully customized (you can edit background image, upload your logo, manage navigation buttons and tabs, upload your own splash screen). Use Phone simulator to navigate through the App: click on tabs or buttons to see appropriate page. The edit section will get updated accordingly, so you can manage it’s content.

Once you're done with App’s content and interface, click "Save and Complete" button - the system validates your App content; once validated, it will take you to the Publishing page. If some pages are incomplete, the system asks you to fix it.

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