How to Use Google Play Developer Console or Apple Account

The first question most developers have when making an app with iBuildApp is whether or not they need to be registered as a Developer with Apple (apple developer account) and Google Play Developer Console to publish their app for iPhone and Android devices.

The short answer is YES, however, you are not required to have both to publish onto only a single platform.

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Apple Developer Account - iTunes App Store for iOS ($99/year)

If you'd like to make your app for iPhone/iPad, it must be available in the iTunes App Store for iOS for users to download. Apple developer program has this requirement in place to protect iOS users as well as to regulate what type of content is available for iPhones and iPads. The cost is $99 per year for the license which allows you to publish unlimited apps on the iTunes App Store (each app on iBuildApp requires it's own subscription plan).

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Unfortunately their are no alternatives for making your app available besides the one that Apple provides.  For more information about signing up for an Apple Developer Account with your Apple ID, click here.
Note: The "Download My App" link and QR code provided by iBuildApp is solely for the use of testing your iOS app and is limited to 10 installations.

Google Play Developer Account  for Android ($25/lifetime)

There are several ways to make your app available for Android devices. The easiest is through Google Play store with Google Developer App Account.

Google Play Developer Console enables android developers to easily publish and distribute their applications directly from their accounts to users of Android-compatible phones.

Similar to iTunes, this allows Google to protect their device users from content that is either inappropriate or may be harmful to the devices themselves. The cost is $25 for a lifetime Google Developer Account which allows you to publish unlimited apps on the Google Play Store (each app on iBuildApp requires it's own subscription plan).

For more information, review below:

Register for Google Play Developer Account

  1. Visit the Google Play Console.

  2. Enter basic information about your Google Play developer identity — name, email address, and so on. You can modify this information later.

  3. Read and accept the Google Play account Developer Distribution Agreement for your country or region. Note that apps and store listings that you publish on Google Play must comply with the Developer Program Policies and US export law.

  4. Pay a $25 USD registration fee using Google payments. If you don't have a Google payments account, you can quickly set one up during the process.

  5. When your registration for Google Developer Console account is verified, you’ll be notified at the email address you entered during registration. 

Explore the Google Play Developer Console Account

When your registration is verified, you can sign in to your developer account, which is the home for your app publishing operations and tools on Google Play.

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NOTE: Unlike iOS devices, there are alternate channels for providing your app on Android devices outside of the Google Play Store. Please click this link for information about publishing your app through an alternate app store of side-load installation. 

Android Module Creation from iBuildApp.

Mobile developers can use Developer Console that provides rich features:

  • Cloud Test Lab
  • Alpha and beta tests
  • Staged rollouts
  • Acquire Users
  • Promote your app with AdWords
  • Increase installs with improved store listings
  • User acquisition performance report
  • Player Analytics
  • Detailed statistics and reports
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