Alternate Publishing Options

DISCLAIMER: Although there are alternate channels for providing your app on Android devices outside of the Google Play Store, there are certain additional steps your users may need to take for it to work. Please keep in mind that some of these methods require that your app users change the settings on their device to "Allow 3rd Party Installations" or "Allow from unknown sources" apps outside the Google Play App Store. In some cases, devices will display prompts informing the user that allowing this installation may cause harm to there device. Although their is no real harm that can be done by apps built on iBuildApp's platform, the message may be alarming to your app users and some may choose not to download your app. We encourage all iBuildApp users to evaluate their options thoroughly before electing to provide their app outside of the Google Play Store.


iBuildApp App Store (free):
When creating an app on our platform you have the option of making it available in our own proprietary app store. You'll be able to provide a link to your app on the iBuildApp App Store for your users to utilize your creation. It's included for free with all of our plans and gives app developers a good alternative to publishing instead of using the Google Play Store.

Amazon App Store:
The cost is $99 for a lifetime developer license which allows you to publish  publish unlimited apps on the Amazon App Store.


You do have the option of providing your Android App apk (file for installing your app) via an alternate download of your choice. If you have your own website and host, you can upload the file for users to download via a direct link. You can also choose to email the apk directly to your users. 

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