Create a custom banner for your app

You can create your own banner to promote your app on your site, Blog or in social nets.

Refer to "Promote", then to "Create a custom banner for your app". Choose your future banner appearance: blue, red, green or purple. Enter your banner text (35 characters max) and ribbon text (5 characters max) as shown below:


Hide the ribbon with the help of "Hide ribbon" checkbox:


As soon as you are ready click "Create banner" button. Now you can choose your banner type - WEB or Mobile and your banner size:


Now your banner is ready to be embeded on your site, Blog or your Facebook wall. Use "Get HTML code" to obtain the code. You can copy it then in the popup window:


You can also download your banner.

Note: you can Edit your banner at any time, just click "Edit banner" button.

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