4 Things You Should Do Before Making Your Mobile App

With iBuildApp you have a chance to literally sit down at your computer and Make Your Mobile App within minutes. All the features, widgets and buttons are there, but jumping into the app too early might hurt your business in the long run. Here is 4 Things You Should Do Before Deciding to Make Your Mobile App.

Deciding to Make Your Mobile App is similar to playing a baseball game. If you don’t come to the game with your glove and uniform then you can’t play. If you don’t practice your swing and formulate a roster that highlights your best players then there’s a small chance that you perform well.

Although you probably want to start building your app right now, you need to understand that a poorly planned app is worthless. You wouldn’t leave your best hitter on the bench, so why would you leave your biggest moneymakers on the bench with your mobile app?

The best mobile app design and marketing techniques are not always clear cut, and design aspects change from industry to industry. Planning out your mobile app is essential for success, so let’s take a look at a few things you should do before making your mobile app.

Develop Your Text - Make Your Mobile App

Make Your Mobile App Make Your Mobile App

Text helps display what it is you do. With mobile apps you don’t have to flood the pages with text, making it easier to offer great content. The only problem is that you really have to make this text count. You may only have to write a few lines, but those lines of text need to provide a punch that convinces people that your company is worth buying from.

Develop an outline that includes your most important pages such as the Homepage, About page and Contact page. Write down the text you plan on putting on each of these pages and then show it to potential customers. See how they respond, and figure out ways to minimize your text in order to display a powerful, blunt message. Does your text just ramble on or does it immediately push people to your products?

Are you constantly highlighting boring features or do you relate the products or services to how people plan on using them?

Create a Logo That Fits

Make Your Mobile App

One huge mistake that companies encounter is a logo that doesn’t quite fit well across multiple platforms. Most companies have a logo designed for their website or marketing materials, but they forget that mobile commerce is becoming more and more popular.

When you design your logo, think about the size and quality so that it translates well into a mobile app. You want to ensure that people recognize your brand the instant they open up your mobile app. Mobile apps also have buttons so people can save them on their home screens. Some logos are too long or tall and don’t look nice when smashed into these little app icons.

It’s also essential to create a logo that blends well with your future app design. If you plan on using certain colors for your app and website then pick colors for your logo that fit nicely.

Choose Your Media

Make Your App Make Mobile App

A mobile app is an organic creature, since you’ll always update the app with new information and media. However, there’s no way someone downloads the app unless you have value to offer. You may plan on posting an image or video every week on your mobile app, but what about the early adopters? Take five to ten videos or photos that represent your business in a positive manner. Display your products or let people know what goes on behind the scenes.

Media converts paying customers, so if your app doesn’t include quality media then you can’t expect many results.

Outline How Customers Will Give You Money

Your Mobile App

This is the most important aspect in terms of planning to Make Your Mobile App. You may develop a beautiful interface with nice looking graphics and videos, but how do you plan on converting with your mobile app? Is the purpose of the mobile app to push more people to your blog or radio station? Is it to sell more shoes or book more restaurant reservations online?

Solidify your primary goals before making your mobile app to understand what you plan on getting out of it. With these goals in hand you can place call-to-actions and buttons that push people to your desired goal.

Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Let us know how you prepare before you Make Your Mobile App, and if you have any unique techniques for going into your mobile app strong. Would you include any other areas to prepare before getting started on your mobile app?

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    Ray Scarpa

    Really good advice!  Planning your content in advance also helps you select the right template, which makes for an easier building experience and a better app!

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    Words of wisdom

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    Very good comments. Thank you!

    As with any project is main to check out if the actual state of things is able to start with that project, for example logo...

    Then check what "problems" will it bring solutions for, how will it do, Who is gonna see it.