Five Must Haves for Your Mobile App Landing Page

With iBuildApp you have quite a few ways to promote your app after publication. One of my favorites is the Mobile App Landing Page found in the Promote section of your iBuildApp dashboard. The stats are quite astounding in terms of landing pages versus regular web pages. You might wonder what the point of putting up a landing page for your app download link is, so it’s worth taking a look at some of the other companies that see drastic successes with their landing pages.

Dell’s conversion rates have increased over 300% with landing pages when compared to their regular web pages. Genworth is known for increasing its lead volume by over 3000% with a well devised landing page program. This means that landing pages work, and if you want more people to download your mobile app then you need to think about implementing landing pages.

Fortunately, iBuildApp generates an automating Mobile App Landing Page for you when you go to the Promote area in your dashboard.

Mobile App Landing Page

After that, simply go to the Create a Landing Page option. The creation area is pretty easy, with just a few steps until you can publish the landing page to your own website. It’s important for you to remember that not every landing page hits the mark. Although Mobile App Landing Page has a track record of improving your conversions you need to follow the right procedures and include components that ensure people will embrace the landing page willingly.

Let’s take a look at the five must haves for your mobile app landing page.

Make Sure The Mobile App Landing Page is Presentation Ready

Mobile App Landing Page

Once your mobile app is close to done you may wish to publish and share the app. One common mistake we see is that the app is not ready for sharing. When you create your landing page you can expect more people to see the app. If you miss out on this exposure then you can’t go back to these people and tell them the problems are fixed later. Once you lose customers they are gone.

That’s why you need to create a testing group to ensure that every piece of your app is ready for presentation. Instead of just clicking through the previews on your computer, actually download the app on your phone and figure out what parts work and don’t work. Share the app with trusted sources such as employees and family members to get all the feedback you can before you publish on the landing page.

The landing page includes a live preview for customers, so it needs to look perfect.

Refining Your Mobile App Landing Description Text

Mobile App Landing

The app description text is really the only area that takes a little creativity when designing your landing page in iBuildApp. It all depends on your industry, but this is your chance to shine. Forget telling people your business history or an entire list of your menu. Tell them exactly why they need to download the app immediately.

Consider the primary reasons people download mobile apps in the first place: For information, perks and entertainment. You might have a little entertainment, but most people turn to Netflix or games for that. Sure you have information about the company in your app, but that stuff doesn’t sell much.

Therefore, stick to the perks. Do you plan on giving people exclusive sales and promotions with the app? Will you release upcoming product lines? Exclusivity is a primary motivator for people when they download business apps.

Make Your Downloads Quick and Easy With Additional App Stores

Mobile App Page

You automatically receive links to your app on the iBuildApp store, but some people won’t download these apps unless they see an Apple or Android download link. Give them more options by publishing your app on both of these huge app directories.

Guidance is Key for Mobile App Landing Page

App Landing Page

When you develop your app description you need to consider those who need a little guidance with the download. Not everyone knows how to scan a QR code so you can give them info on the best QR code scanner for their phones. You also need to include call to actions in order to guide people through the process of the download. This can all be written into the app description if needed.

Share your thoughts in the comments section if you plan on making a landing page for your mobile app. If you have used this promotions feature in the past let us know what you wrote in your landing page and if we missed anything else in this article. Mobile App Landing Page.

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