20 Content Ideas for When You Make a Mobile App

So you make a mobile app, share it with your customers and now you want to figure out how to fill it with useful content that people find interesting. It all depends on what type of product or service you’re selling. If you want people to come to your band’s shows then you need to share loads of media such as music and videos. If you are trying to sell your auto repair service then plenty of reviews and testimonials work nicely. Make Mobile App.

20 Content Ideas for When You Make Mobile App

Lack of quality content is often the reason companies start to forget about their mobile apps and lose out on the great marketing opportunity. When you make a mobile app, it’s wise to start with a mobile app design software such as iBuildApp. This gives you a chance to view what other companies are sharing and building in your industry and you can choose from dozens of mobile app templates.

After you have a chance to look at what other companies are doing, let’s view the following content ideas for when you make a mobile app.

  1. Develop a blog post in your niche that guides beginners on a topic the second they reach your mobile app. Share this exclusively on your mobile app to push people to download the app or link the app to your blog with responsive designs through the iBuildApp tools such as feeds and news sections.
  2. Invite customers, fans or readers to share content on your mobile app. Ask fans of your band to Tweet, or share pictures on fan walls, of them at your concerts. Hold a contest asking customers to use your product in creative ways and share the images or videos on the mobile app. Make Mobile App
  3. Get creative yourself and start a picture of the day, song of the day, promotion of the day or video of the day to keep people coming back for more on your mobile app. If they know they might receive something cool for free this makes it all the more special when they open up your mobile app.
  4. Connect your mobile app with your social accounts so that these streams sync with the mobile app. This makes it easier so that you don’t have to generate content for multiple mediums.
  5. Try content gold mines like Buffer and Feedly to keep people up-to-date on the most recent happenings in your industry. This is great for B2B companies who need to help others stay educated about certain markets.
  6. Link your mobile app to a Google Calendar account. This allows you to update your Google Calendar one time then see it sync to your mobile app. It gives your customers and fans information on upcoming events, and you don’t have to keep updating calendars in two different spots.
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  7. Ask customers for positive testimonials and share them on your mobile app. One of the easiest ways to improve conversions is to show that other people are already enjoying your product or service. Do this in the form of text or video testimonials.
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  8. Develop an eCommerce store to give your customers another place to purchase your products. Fill the store with professional images, descriptions and prices.
  9. Find out what’s trending in pop culture and relate it to your business. Share this on your social pages or write up a blog post and sync it with your mobile app. The best way to find trending information is through Google Trends or the trending area on Twitter.
  10. If your customers ask similar questions on a consistent basis create an FAQ section on the mobile app so that you answer their questions before they ask. This frees up your time since you just direct people to the FAQ page.
  11. Start an About page with information that no one would know unless they worked for the company or went to this page. Create an emotional connection with your customers and fans by developing a personality on this About page.
  12. Scan YouTube and other blogs in your industry to share with your customers and readers. Content is meant to be borrowed online, so give people resources that are already available.
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  13. Put together an eBook that compiles all the blog posts you have created in the past. Give this away for free on your mobile app or sell it with an eCommerce module.
  14. Go to an event that relates to your industry and share videos, photos or write-ups about the event on your mobile app.
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  15. Create tutorial videos to show your customers how to use your products or how to become better at a particular task.
  16. Reach out to experts in your industry and partner with them to create some form of media that you can give out for free or sell through your mobile app. This improves your credibility when you make a mobile app and pushes more people to download your app.
  17. Talk about your failures and successes on your mobile app. Share flashback photos of your old startup office or post on Facebook with troubles you overcame during the beginning stages of your company.
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  18. Use the News module in iBuildApp to push relevant information about your company and the industry. This is great for sharing successes and general situations that are happening in the market.
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  19. Look back at the old content you created and shared on your mobile app. There’s a good chance some of it needs to be updated. Change things up and share them again with a push notification so people know they are updated.
  20. Spy on your competitors. Download their mobile apps and look at their websites to see exactly what they are doing that makes them successful. It also pays to figure out the content that doesn’t perform so well for your competitors so you can avoid it in the future.

Let us know in the comments section below if you need some content tips when you make a mobile app. Try out iBuildApp for your mobile app design software to get started within minutes.

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    1. Get creative yourself and start a picture of the day, song of the day, promotion of the day or video of the day to keep people coming back for more on your mobile app. If they know they might receive something cool for free this makes it all the more special when they open up your mobile app.

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