20 Content Ideas for When You Make a Mobile App




  • Bro.g.baha

    Very Interesting, Can you contact me at bro.g.baha@gmail.com.  I want to do all the above. 


  • iBuildApp

    Hey Bro.g.baha, 

    What is it you wish to discuss?

  • Monicasancio

    Hi Carlos + IBuildApp Team

    I like to update my app daily, yet the updates are not showing up yet...

    Precisely because I believe in this, that you recommend:

    1. Get creative yourself and start a picture of the day, song of the day, promotion of the day or video of the day to keep people coming back for more on your mobile app. If they know they might receive something cool for free this makes it all the more special when they open up your mobile app.

    Have you fixed this bug?

    Thank you in advance


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