How to Find the Perfect Product to Sell on a Mobile App

More and more people are starting to purchase products online, and this group is also flooding into the mobile market. In this age of entrepreneurship it takes a certain type of person to research and develop a Product to Sell on a Mobile App that is worth it.

Product to Sell on a Mobile App

That greatest thing is that once you get your product ready it’s actually quite easy to start selling through a mobile app. With iBuildApp you just grab one of the mobile app templates, place the shopping cart module into the app and fill in all the content such as pictures, product descriptions and prices.

So building your app and posting your products is pretty darn easy, but you need to actually find a quality product to sell. Let’s take a look at some ways to find the perfect product to sell on your mobile app.

Look for Problems in Your Life and Find a Product to Sell on a Mobile App

When you try to sell your product to companies or consumers it’s always easier when you pose a problem and then present your product to solve that problem.

That’s why so many products come from people who don’t only complain about the problems they have everyday, but they document them and see if there is a market to solve that problem. When you take a shower in the morning what is your biggest pet peeve? Maybe you have trouble getting in and out. Is there a solution to this problem?

Consider writing down the troubles you experience everyday and see if you can build a product to solve it. There might also be an existing product that you can purchase from another company and sell.

There is more that goes into solving problems than writing them down and creating a product. Think about what demographics usually encounter this problem. Is there a viable way to reach out and market to these people? Do they use mobile apps to purchase items?

Locate Product to Sell on a Mobile App That You Love

Since mobile apps don’t provide that much information you truly need to find a product that you love. Why? Because you won’t have salesmen to walk customers through every step of the process. Your passion needs to shine through your mobile app, and it all starts with a product you enjoy.

Think about how much harder you would work on the design of your app if you couldn’t stop thinking about selling your product. The quality design and execution of your app shines through when you actually care about your company.

Check to See What’s Hot in the Market Right Now, when selecting Product to Sell on a Mobile App

Unfortunately not all passion projects turn out, because they just don’t have the market influence. Sure, you might be pumped about your paper shoes made out of sustainable materials, but is that what people are looking for?

Start with some market research to see if people are actually buying products like this online. Take it a step further and search for the most common items that customers purchase through their mobile phones. Use resources such as Amazon and eBay, since they offer lists of the hottest items. Etsy works for products in niche groups. Google Trends is also a nice way to punch in your own keywords and see how many people are searching for the product.

Stick to Something You Know to Keep Up With Customer Service

This ties into passion, but it’s important to remember that whatever

Product to Sell on a Mobile App

you choose, you need to know about it. One problem with mobile apps is you don’t have all the opportunities to offer customer service through the app. You can put a phone number to your sales team or customer service line, but not many people call these numbers when shopping online.

You must show people how to walk through the site by themselves and help them understand which Product to Sell on a Mobile App is best. Think about uploading videos and images to your mobile app in order to demonstrate things. Blog posts and new feeds also work wonders for demonstrating your expertise.

Let us know in the comments section if you have any questions about finding the perfect product to sell on a mobile app. Share your thoughts on developing ideas for solid mobile app products and drop us a line if you have found success with a certain product on your mobile app.

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