How to Respond When People Say They Don't Like Your Mobile App

According to a recent study by Solidify, mobile app usage is dominating the mobile landscape, just six years into the mobile revolution. The study also explains that these trends are only increasing, making it incredibly important for companies to create Your Mobile App and get started reaching out to customers who want to access their content while on the move.

Your Mobile App

This is all fine and dandy, but what happens when you grab your mobile app template, put hours of work into making it look beautiful and then customers come back and say they don’t like it? What if they say that there is no reason for it or they have trouble purchasing items on the app? What if they say it’s never updated or looks like something from the 90s?

This is a problem, but there are a few steps to walk through in order to verify whether or not this customer’s feedback is credible and to recreate your mobile app to compel customer to buy from you.

Let’s talk a look at how you should respond when people say they don’t like your mobile app.

Figure Out if This Person is Someone Who is in Your mobile app Target Market

Just because someone says your mobile app stinks doesn’t mean you should go straight back to the drawing board to remodel your mobile app. You first need to evaluate that particular customer to see if they are even in your target market. For example, if you run a female beauty salon, a male might not be the best person to get feedback from.

Take a look at where the customers fall in terms of demographic. Are they a reflection of what your primary customer base is like? If someone outside of your demographic is offended by your content, does it matter? Once you figure out whether or not the feedback is credible, you can move onto the next steps, instead of wasting time that could be better spent doing something else to help your company.

Ask Them Why They Don’t Like Your Mobile App

If an individual comes to you and says that they don’t like your app, this does you no good. Why do they not enjoy Your Mobile App? Does Your Mobile App have something to do with the interface or the content? Use this opportunity to ask a few questions to the customer. Write down these concerns so you can use them to formulate a questionnaire for other customers.

Your best bet is to receive five pieces of genuine feedback from the individual and ensure that they are as specific as possible. If they don’t feel like telling you their reasoning for the bad feedback, you can’t really figure out what changes need to be made to Your Mobile App

Create a Google Form to Collect Feedback From Your Customers about Your Mobile App

Your Mobile App

Once you get this feedback from the individual, turn to the rest of your users to create a sample size that actually matters. Sure, every customer matters, but if the rest of your users don’t see the same problems with Your Mobile App, then it might just be some pet peeves that one individual has.

The best way to approach this is to create a Google Form in your app. This is a feature that can be implemented through the iBuildApp interface. The reason for putting the Google Form in your mobile app is because this pulls feedback directly from the people who actually use the app. You can also send out a survey to people who don’t use Your Mobile App, but you need to ask them to download the app and test it out. Compile the feedback you received from the original individual and turn this into questions for the rest of your customers.

Clean Up Your Mobile App to Make it More User Friendly

After you receive feedback from your users, tap into the iBuildApp dashboard to cleanup the interface. Usually people who just start making apps tend to include too many buttons, images or features. See how you can simplify Your Mobile App to push people directly to the content they desire. For example, if you run an auto body shop, include direct call links and appointment tabs right on the homepage so customers can book times to get their cars repaired. This makes it easier for your business and customers overall.

It’s also worth mentioning that you should cleanup old content. If you have a blog or news feed that is never updated, consider removing it completely or assigning someone to update it constantly. You don’t want Your Mobile App to get stale.

Incorporate Features That Help Customers using Your Mobile App

There’s also a chance that users are missing particular features. The iBuildApp team offers various features to make it easier for you to improve profits. Take a look at the features page to see if Your Mobile App is missing something that would make your customers happier.

Let us know in the comments section if you have any questions about how to respond to people when they say they don’t like your mobile app.

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