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Facade of the building is the first element that we capture visually. If we happened to be in the Ask people on the street about the location of a particular building, a little more we certainly express condition facade or building facade that is nearby. Facade of the building is part of the design of the most easily embedded in memory, people could also be a love or hate just by looking at the facade of a building. Facade is part of the design that gets results first public response times. Moreover, building facade that is in public places not only belong to the individual (in this case the owner of the building), but also belongs to the public. Facade in the region also need to follow the rules official who deliberately spend to defend the city architecturally, because after all, the face of a city is made up of a row of facade of the building. Height of the facade, roof shape, the prohibition to change the facade of the old buildings of historical value. And other rules imposed in order to maintain order and the historic value of the town. So is the facade, which is an aesthetic element which can not be separated without. If we are talking about residential design, facade elements that are first seen and assessed consumer as he searches for a place to stay. So do not be surprised if the developers are vying to offer home with a diverse facade design. Not to forget they are watching the emerging market tastes, and they enjoy doing facade that was sure to be a mainstay of the product to be sold throughout the year

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