Three Ways to Make a Complete Mobile App Within Seconds

You don’t have time to learn how to create a mobile app, right? You also don’t have the cash to pay for a programmer to build your app, correct? Time and money are certainly precious if you run your own business, and that’s why iBuildApp is always working to help you keep as much of both as possible. You need a way to make a complete mobile app within just seconds, and we have three options for you.

Let’s take a look so you can save time and money to spend on other business functions, instead of bashing your head over the table because of a simple mobile app.

Turn Your Facebook Business Page Into a Mobile App

All businesses are trying to crack the Facebook code and understand exactly how they can utilize the powerful social media network. For some it works great, for others they receive few interactions, and for most they haven’t even taken a serious dive into Facebook for Business.

Well considering 48 percent of Facebook users login everyday, and mobile app usage has increased to almost 35 percent of all users in just the US, it’s a wonder why not every business, big and small, haven’t jumped on the social and mobile bandwagon.

It’s not too late though, because iBuildApp offers a feature that can turn your Facebook page into a mobile app within just a couple of seconds. Go to the Facebook mobile app page to paste in your Facebook URL and click the Next button to get started.

Wait for the loading bar and it will create a new mobile app for you within just a few seconds.

Of course your Facebook business mobile app is fully customizable allowing you to edit the content, stylize the app and publish it to the app store.

Why is this perfect for all businesses?

  • You don’t have to create and manage both a mobile app and a Facebook page. Just work on one. This is nice if you are just getting started with both.
  • Those with large Facebook followings can just push their current content to the app and not worry about creating new stuff.
  • You don’t need any experience with building a new mobile app.
  • It’s completely free.

Create a Mobile App From a Template

One of the best ways to develop a mobile app that can work wonders for your business is by grabbing one of the iBuildApp mobile app templates. The store includes a wide selection of mobile app designs from just about every industry you can think of. If you can’t find anything for your business, just let us know and we should be able to help you out.

The process is simple: Create an account on iBuildApp, select one of these templates and you have your own mobile app! Of course we always recommend taking the extra time to customize your app by adding images, different buttons and your logo, but that only takes a few extra minutes. You can start sharing the templated app with customers or friends to see how they like it.

Build From Your Current WordPress Dashboard

You probably already have a nice website that includes blog content, images, tabs and all the information you need to share with customers. We always try to urge people to create a customized mobile app, but for some companies a quick website-to-mobile app transformation is all they need, at least for the moment.

Install the iBuildApp WordPress plugin so that it pulls the current content you have on your WordPress page. After that you can select a template for your mobile app and push it to the app stores. Manage the app from your WordPress dashboard, cutting down on the time needed to switch between both dashboards.

This quick app creation feature is also nice for all businesses because it pulls content you have already created. You don’t really need to manage both a website and mobile app. It’s similar to the Facebook mobile app feature in that you only have to update content from one area.

Let us know in the comments section below if you have any questions about taking a few minutes to develop a new mobile app for our business. Share your mobile app links to get feedback from our community.

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