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The newsletter, issue November 2010, has been released today for our mobile app builder development community

The newsletter covers new new features and system enhancements that will help you create more amazing applications!

In this edition of the newsletter, you’ll discover our new features and system enhancements.

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New features available on iBuildApp.com

iBuildApp mobile app builder recently launched new features to help you create more amazing applications! Here they are:

✓ Location/multilocation - create an interactive map highlighting one or more locations. Each location displays a call-out bubble when tapped. The call-out bubble can contain an icon to display "more details" or an icon to display driving directions from current location.

✓ Google calendar - share events from your Google calendar

✓ Streaming video - pull video content from your website

✓ Streaming audio - reach your mobile listeners with a live audio stream from your website.

✓ YouTube video list - pull your existing online video content into your application

✓ Email sharing - allows your users to share information about the application with their friends. The message can be pre-configured, users can also write their own message.

✓ E-commerce - your users can browse individual items with photos, descriptions, and prices, and make purchases via a secure, convenient PayPal shopping cart.

✓ Caching application cache certainly is a critical feature of mobile apps; it’s a basic user expectation that a mobile app starts right away, unlike a complex web app which must be downloaded.

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