4 New Templates released!

How to make an app

Newsletter - July, 2011

New Amazing, Free and Professional iBuildApp Templates!

We have lots of templates that make creating your custom app easy. Below you will find new simple clean templates from iBuildApp.

We just added four great new templates to the iBuildApp app builder:

Restaurants and Bars How to make an app Music How to make an app
Simple and elegant, this design is perfect for any restaurant or bar. Impress your clients before they walk in the door. Let your fans follow you. Add your videos, songs & concert dates. Tie your blog into your iPhone App.

E-book How to make an app

Small Business
How to make an app
Publish your book on iPhone! Tell your story and stay connected with your readers. Tell your customers all they need to know about your business!

How to make an app How to make an app

  • Hosted on iBuildapp.
  • No startup costs. No subscription costs. No coding required. . Create, Publish and Manage your application for FREE!
  • No installation is required.
  • Intuitive interface gives anyone the ability to design and deploy professional Native Android Applications.
  • Full Control - update/ refresh your content on demand, publish and truck status of your applications.
How to make an app iBuildApp provides barcode images - QR codes containing app's .apk build - for easy automatic distribution Android applications: How to make an app Go to http://www.iBuildApp.com to try out our new templates.

How to make an appHow to make an app 2011 iBuildApp.com

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