Building Smart Business with Apps for Small Business

Small businesses have to do their business smart in order to stay ahead. You need to understand your local demographic better, you need to get their attention quicker and you need to be where they are.

Now – where are your customers?

Mobile is being used for discovery

How to make an app

They are on their phones, in the parking lot looking for your services. Everyone is constantly on the go and need to do their research on the way. If your business isn’t on their way they will find another less personal, less convenient option. Last week I was looking for a business card printer, hoping for something local for a quicker turn around. Instead, I ended up selecting an online provider and still have another week to wait until my cards will be delivered.

I could have, just as easily, been looking for your business.

Mobile is becoming the standard

In the US, over 317 million mobile phones roam the streets every day. That’s nearly 1 per person living there which has nearly surpassed the number of active desktop computers.

Mobile applications are imperative to a business’ survival, and smart small businesses are building them. Applications remain on their consumer’s phone screen as an icon, constantly reminding them about your business. Once you are there your competitors, large and small, have an uphill battle trying to wretch your consumer’s phone from your grasp.

Mobile applications aren’t the future of efficient, smart business. They are the present.

Mobile is more viral

How to make an app

How simple is it for someone to share your small business’ information with their friends or co-workers? Do they have to send an email? Find a pen and post-it note? Do they have to come up with a sales pitch for you?

Shouldn’t they simply just open your application, and let you show off your services or products in the best light?

Mobile applications can have your address, contact information, your product list and pricing guide or whatever other information you know is most important for them to get to your small business. Plus, once shared, your mobile application will likely be on more screens, being shown to more co-workers and friends.

Being Smart is Good Business

With your app doing the work for you, and simple methods like iBuildApp’s Small Business templates already premade for you, being mobile is a cost effective way to being a smart business.

How to make an app

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