App review: TechGro App

Hey folks! We got a notice from Apple Store today that TechGro app is approved for sale! Congratulations to Mike Ramirez, who created the app! We would like to highlight his TechGro app today and, feature this app as an entrepreneur’s way of outsourcing technology. Mike Ramirez, the principal of TechGro, help his clients "gro" by providing intuitive logo design, business planning, business consulting, website design, internet websites, intranets, domain names, web design, automation solutions among many other services. They leverage technology to help their clients become more effective and efficient. And—as it turns out iBuildApp does that too! So please check it out - TechGro app! Description: TechGro provides great tech tips, search engine analysis and access to info about web design, branding, print, tech support and more How to make an app

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