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Newsletter - August, 2011

Share your app with the world!

You've made something great - now tell the world about it

It's amazing how many great apps you've created with iBuildApp! Now it's time for you to tell your friends about them! We launched the Share feature that you can access from "App Management" page. That feature will allow you to share your app within Facebook network - even while the app is still being built!

Download Statistics is now available!

You are now able to view you app's download statistics

iBuildApp aggregates the app's download statistics: you can access it from "My Apps" page


  • Hosted on iBuildapp.
  • No startup costs. No subscription costs. No coding required. . Create, Publish and Manage your application for FREE!
  • No installation is required.
  • Intuitive interface gives anyone the ability to design and deploy professional Native Android Applications.
  • Full Control: update/ refresh your content on demand, publish and truck status of your applications.

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iBuildApp provides barcode images - QR codes containing app's .apk build - for easy automatic distribution Android applications:

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