iBuildApp now supports Retina displays!

iBuildapp announces mobile app to fully support Apple's Retina Display. . If you already have an app with us, you may want to refresh it with high-resolution versions of your art and icons - just go to iBuildApp and start editing your app! Select from the bunch of new icons and upload your graphics in better resolution. How to make an app . Bug fixes and improvements: . • Added 'Refresh' icon for a web-view based pages: now content can be updated within the app (no need to quit and relaunch the app). • Improved the custom form controls (drop down list) • Improved the 'Take a picture' function • Improved the feed loading process: implemented asynchronous HTTP request processing that prevents the main app stream overloading • Improved cache mechanism: now all content (except media and rss feeds) comes with app build (internet connection is only required to view web-based content) • Added progress indicator for web pages
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