Over the Air Installation: Downloading and Installing Apps Made Easy with iBuildApp

Quick and easy Downloading and Installing Apps that bypass iTunes and other 3rd party tools completely. iBuildApp, a tool for rapid prototyping and app building, has recently expanded its feature set to include Over The Air (OTA) installation. OTA installation allows testers and app developers for Downloading and Installing Apps on their smartphones simply, even the most basic users can understand how install the build.

Simple - Downloading and Installing Apps

Users can now download a build from the web and have the app automatically install itself on the device. This completely bypasses the cumbersome and often confusing process of installing an app by syncing to iTunes or connecting your Android device to your workstation. In fact, the installer can be anywhere in the world when installing and don’t even have to be tied down to a WIFI connection. You can show off your app in development or afterwards using our Over The Air installation making your application accessible to beta test. Our service automatically generates the appropriate build for the device, so iPhone and Android devices can be supported with a single link. Once app downloaded, the installation process is automatically started and the app can be launched as a regular application. It’s as simple as that.

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Accessible - Downloading and Installing Apps

The installation is accessible one of three ways, either by entering a URL into the devices browser, by clicking a link sent via email or by scanning a QR code directly into the phone to make it as accessible as your users need.

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Safe - Downloading and Installing Apps

Generated links expire when used or after 2 hours. Your application cannot be downloaded by people who don’t have a current, unused link. Also, each link is only valid for one IP address. You can rest assured that the only person who can install your app is the person you want to install your app.

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Anyone could already build a native iPhone or Android app with iBuildApp, but now with the OTA installation everyone can alsostart Downloading and Installing Apps without having to consult a manual. OTA installation joins a whole host of features like analytics, promotional tools and push notifications that provide you the quickest route to build, test and monetize your mobile application.
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