Create Android Apps with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Google Maps Web API

What is an API for Web Google Maps, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube

API definition: API is an application programming interface and can be used in Facebook, Instagram,Youtube

API is a specific agreement, written by programmers, of a web service that software must follow when using that service. Basically API is a middleman between the server/service and a client/another service that want to use that software/data.
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Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Github Console and other media often change their API, leading to problem for developers, unless they monitor their API services

Register for Google Maps API Key and other Web APIs: Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook

Obtaining a Google Maps API Key

Obtaining a Maps API v2 key involves the following steps:

- Retrieve the SHA1 fingerprint of the keystore that is used to sign the application.

- Create a project in the Google APIs console.

- Obtaining the Google Maps API key.

Display Google Maps in Your App with the API Key SDK and Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

Use Google Maps iOS SDK along with other Web APIs to build location-relevant apps and sites.

Before you can begin working with Google Maps on iOS, you need to download the Google Maps SDK for iOS from web and ensure that you have the Google Maps API key.

Getting your online store known through a mobile app is only the first step for many businesses. Last time we talked about creating custom templates, which allow you to make the basic structure of your apps efficiently, today we will create a map to your location. Getting people to your offices or store front obviously has its advantages. What more people coming into your online store means is more customers on your premises.

If you followed along with the template tutorial, you already know the way to begin creating an app. This time, we will create an app by embedding Google Maps API into your own app.

Create a new app, select whether you want a phone or a tablet app, give it a name and then follow the first three steps on your own.

The final step – the one for content, is where we want to begin.

Click on "Add Page" on the left side of the screen to get started. You can add a dozen of different types of pages.

google maps api

You will be taken to the editing page immediately. Select "Change Page Type".

google maps api key

It may be hard to find with the number of options available, but the maps widget is the last option on the right.

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From here, you can add a number of pins to your map, label them in an informative way and point your customers to the right direction by using google maps api

You can configure the iBuildApp platform to import media data from all popular APIs, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Web, YouTube, Github.

youtube, web dropbox

With this level of details in their hands, your customer will be able to find you without an issue. They will know where to find you. The rest of your app should prepare them for what they will find in your store with google maps api key. if you need to log into your Dropbox account just go here

API aggregator - aggregates from all the major social networks including:



Instagram (users and hashtags)









Google Maps

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