Original Thoughts on Marketing a Service – Based Business With an App

Are you thinking of building a marketing mobile app for your service-based business? Do you offer law, cleaning, architectural or personal security services? Maybe you cut hair or give massages. Regardless, the options are endless when it comes to marketing mobile app potential for your service. You might only think that mobile apps are for developers who want to make funny games or photo sharing apps, but every service business has a unique opportunity to reach out to customers and improve revenues with an app. Why? Because 58 percent of all adults use their smartphone on a daily basis, so you need to reach out to these people using your marketing mobile app. How can you boost profits with an app? Since 82 percent of people use their smartphones for maps/GPS you can give people maps on how to get to your location You might also provide a booking engine that helps users reserve a time for you to come out and deliver your service.
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