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Building a mobile app used to take lots of time and money, and it still does if you hire a developer to build from scratch for some reason. OSX Daily estimates that a "small" app takes from $10,000 to $50,000 dollars to develop; compared to what iBuildApp provides. Which is,

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You can also review how Wix, Weebly, Squarespace and Shopify sign in works to give you access to these online website builders login pages.

We've worked hard at iBuildApp to get your business setup with an app within just a few minutes. Now all you have to do is grab a mobile app template and make a few changes. You need to start with the Wix, Weebly, Squarespace blog and Shopify Store login page to register. Next you would be prompted to punch in your email and password to login and move forward to the desired theme. If you need to add a user, type in the email, login name and user password. Click on Save. You can access the account settings log from your website control panel. You can also visit your site at your Squarespace URL ( or your custom domain) and press the Esc key. When the login popup appears, enter your login email address and password to get into website. Another way to log in is to visit the main Squarespace website and click the Login link at the top right of the site. When you see the login prompt screen, enter the e-mail address and password for your site. This method is handy if you forget the Squarespace URL or account name for your website. The benefit of using online website builders such as Wix, Weebly, Squarespace is that you can use the drag and drop functionality to build your own site in a few minutes. It allows easily customizing the design of your webpages, no coding required.

Now, the bar has been raised with a full widget suite from POWr Widgets, including items such as sliders, stunning forms and timers.

With dozens of widgets in one place, where do you begin? Right here, of course! We put together a list of POWr widgets offered through iBuildApp, so you can see how each one works into your business app.

Event Slider: Sign in with WIX, Weebly or Shopify Login to start!

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The event slider lets you feature multiple events with images, buttons and text. Let's say you plan on holding a concert for your band or a conference for your software users. This shows people where to buy tickets or to reserve a spot. When they're on this page it slides through the various events you have coming up. Take your website to the next level by logging in to your wix account and adding Apps and services from the app marketplace such as shopify app store.

Multi Slider

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The multi slider combines both images and videos so that you can feature a tutorial for your gardening website along with images of the finished product. Upload your images and videos and watch them rotate in your mobile app. Just use Wix web site login to see the difference!

Image Slider

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The image slider is just what it seems to be, so you can upload your images and the widget automatically resizes them to fit nicely in your app.

Event Galler

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An event slider is nice, but what if you just want users to scroll through a list of your events? This widget allows images, text and varying layouts to display your events in style.

Photo Gallery: Use shopify online store builder login

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If you run a mobile app where you want to showcase your portfolio, you might not want to force clients to sit and look at a slider. The photo gallery provides a responsive page to upload your images, implement interesting stylings and even add some text.

Video Gallery from POWr Widgets supporting shopify platform.

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The video gallery is the same thing as the photo gallery, but with videos!

Video Slider supporting shopify store ecommerce builder

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Maybe you bring in your customer to complete video testimonials or you want your users to notice every single tutorial video you offer. The video slider rotates between videos so nobody misses a thing.


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A great way to keep your mobile app updated is with a microblog. Publish content directly to your mobile and online site it pulls articles from all over the internet. The coolest part is that you can change the feed layout to fit your branding.

Banner Slider

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The banner slider lets you include images, buttons, text and more. Showcase your latest specials and prompt people to sign up for events or email lists. This is a perfect online website landing page for pushing up your conversions.

Media Gallery: Login to WIX, Weebly, Squarespace accounts to start. Or Sign in!

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The media gallery combines images and videos in a stagnant page. Users can scroll through at their own leisure to check out what photos and videos you've uploaded. As iBuildApp marketplace grows, Wix users continue to enjoy new app market features and services. As a businesses start on login page at WIX website builder to easily create website online.

About Us supporting Shopify commerce platform

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This is one of the best mobile About widgets you can find, since it features options to upload photos of your team along with social media links for each person.


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Tell your customers to get rid of that extra weather app, because now you can tell them the weather. It's a stylish widget, so you may be able to convince your customers to consolidate their apps and just use yours to see if it's going to rain.


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Need a completely unique button? The iBuildApp interface already provides buttons for you, but POWr includes some unique stylings that might work well for your brand.

Countdown Timer

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How far away is your big summer conference? Share a countdown timer with all the people attending.

Holiday Counter

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The holiday counter is the same thing as the regular counter except it has some varying styles and you can countdown to days like Christmas, Easter and New Years.

Tabs from powr

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Consolidate your pages and save space with in-page tabs. For example, if you have a product page there's no reason to create three pages for the features, specs and photos. Just include a tabbed layout on a single page.

Hit Counter from Powr


Credibility is everything with mobile apps, so show users how many people have been visiting your app to improve your social proof.


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The sleek map interface is a nice way to showcase your locations so people know where to go and buy your stuff.

Resumes: Use shopify, weebly login on the Sign In page to start

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Show off your technological prowess by sending employers your resume in a mobile app. The responsive design has fields to fill in your most important details, or you can import a resume you created previously.

RSS Feed

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Instead of updating content directly to your mobile app, try to pull RSS feeds from relevant news sources throughout the internet.

Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram and All Social Feeds

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The social feed is not always the prettiest component on a mobile site, but POWr makes it stylish and clean so your customers don't have to open up a brand new browser to visit your online sites.

Social Media Icons from Powr

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Share links to your most popular social media sites to build up your followings. Include just about any online site such as Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. Modify the colors, sizes and layouts for the buttons.


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Need feedback on a product or service? The poll widget offers a fully customizable area to include radio buttons, check boxes and more. Review the feedback later and use it to improve your business.

Contact Form from POWr Widgets

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This is one of the best contact forms you can find for your mobile app, and that's why it's used as a plugin.

POWr Forms Widgets in iBuildApp

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In iBuildApp you can create for free your own custom form to receive feedback from customers, bring in leads or just to further brand your contact form the same way you use in website builders.

Mailing List widget

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With full customization and follow-up emails for when people who subscribe to your list, the email form widget helps you gather followers for sending them emails later.


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The survey includes additional features to your standard form so you can incorporate different buttons, fields and boxes. Create an extensive survey to gather feedback, and analyze your results later.

Price Table

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Selling a software or tool? List the features, change the colors for your table and include pricing and signup links to push sales and assist people in the comparison process.

Plan Comparison

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Membership and recurring payment strategies aren't left out either. Compare your varying plan levels to guide people on their way to paying you.

Use PayPal Login to Shopify commerce, Wix, Weebly or Squarespace site builders

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This is a pretty self-explanatory widget, but you basically have a few layout options for accepting PayPal payments with a small button. Place this on any page to improve your revenues.

Image Resizer

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Shrink your images down or make them large so they fit perfectly in your mobile app.

Photo Filter

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Photos are always cooler with filters, so get creative and add a black and white or blurred filter to your photo gallery.

Photo Watermark


If you sell photos or just don't want people stealing your content, slap a watermark on it! Imagine how easy it would be to sell photos for a wedding you shot when you can just tell people to go to your mobile app and browse through the watermarked images.

Photo Editor

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Uploading images to your mobile app is a fairly simple process, but what if it doesn't look quite right after you do so? Maybe you want to add text, cut out part of the image or even include a border. There's no need to boot up Photoshop before uploading anymore. Just start making your changes in the app.

Whew! That's quite a bit of awesome stuff to wrap your head around. The coolest thing is you don't have to jump around the entire iBuildApp interface to implement it all. Just go to the Manage Content tab while editing one of your apps and click on Change Feature.


After that you just select the POWr tab and all these widgets are there for you to test and play around with.

If you have any questions about how to implement these POWr widgets in your mobile app template, let us know in the comments section below.

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