Apple changed Push Notifications procedure

Since Apple changed their Push Notifications procedure - now you should configure the Apple Push Notification Service on the Notifications page BEFORE you create the .mobileprovision file (with new Bundle ID) and compile your app on the Publishing page!
If your app uses Apple Push Notification Service, please make sure to resubmit it on the app store:

  • 1. Configure the Apple Push Notifications Service on the Notifications page on your App Management Panel;
  • 2. Create new .mobileprovision file with new Bundle ID;
  • 3. Re-submit your app on the Apple Push Notification Publishing page with updated .mobileprovision file
  • 4. Upload updated version of your app with Apple Push Notifications on the App store
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    Am i able to set up a series of notifications? can The same series be directed to different groups/starting times.... this could be like an email series (information) sent to members once they purchase a certain product.