Has Your Mobile App Gone Dormant? Learn How To Bring It Back To Life

If you created an app in the past and haven’t touched it since then you need to get back at it to improve your future revenue. Let’s take a look at how you can bring a dormant mobile app back to life with just a few simple steps.

Get A Fresh Eye To Look At It

A mobile app becomes dormant because you didn’t complete it or the content on the mobile app doesn’t offer any value to customers. There’s no reason to change the content on your mobile app until you receive feedback from other people to decide which features work and which don’t. Start by talking to people that you see everyday. Ask your workers to take some time to play around with the app and make lists of what they would like to see on the app. Bring it up with friends and family and have them provide honest feedback. Make sure you document everything they say! You obviously want to hear feedback from your customers as well. Take a cell phone or tablet and place it on your checkout counter if you have a store front. Ask your loyal customers to play around with it and provide quick feedback. You can even send out an email to customers and give them a small discount or benefit if they fill out a survey or provide feedback.

Define What Gets People To Buy From Your Mobile app

After you acquire feedback for your mobile app it’s time to define exactly what gets people to convert with your app. Conversions also have lots to do with contact information. Is your most important contact information prevalent on the mobile app? Although you want to give out free information and services through your mobile app the whole point of an app is to lead people to options that require them to pay money. Make a list and write down the ultimate goals you are trying to achieve with your app. Once you have these goals it gives you a great idea about what widgets and pages need to go into your app. 

Reconstruct Your Strategy To Make The App About Your Customers

What is it that makes your customers happy? When you combine your feedback from customers and friends along with the primary goals you have to improve conversions you can find ways to offer both. Will a free reservation system on your app make your customers’ lives easier? Will it also increase revenue for your business? 

Less is More

Similar to a website, a clunky, bloated mobile app turns people away. Scroll through your mobile app and write down the areas that are overkill. Is your About page thousands of words long? Do you think people are interested in reading that much about the business? Locate the areas of your app that make it difficult or frustrating for your customers and cut them out.

Let us know in the comments section how you plan to take your dormant mobile app and turn it into something useful. 

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