Screen tips for iPhone users

If you have bought an iPhone for the first time, you might be impressed with the interface, and you are definitely spending enough time with it. However, we are sure that you do not know even half of the tips and tricks related to an iPhone. We cannot detail you with every tip and trick related to an iPhone. So, we will talk about iPhone screen tips and tricks in this post.
Calibrating an iPhone screen: With a collection of tools, you can adjust a number of factors like touchscreen settings, display brightness, and even motion detectors. If you try to recalibrate sensors like gyro, magnetometer, accelerometer, etc. you might feel the nudge too. This is okay, and you should not worry about it. If you have recently switched over from an Android device to iPhone, you might be confused about these options because Android makes it easy for users to calibrate their smartphone.
Taking a screenshot: With an iPhone in one’s hand, it is quite obvious that you might be tempted to take screenshots on a regular basis. However, if you are used to an Android device, you are definitely thinking that the process of taking a screenshot with an iPhone is extremely complex. If you are under that impression, let me tell you that you are wrong. The process of taking a screenshot with an iPhone isn’t really difficult. To capture the screen on any of your iOS device, you should use the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons. So, first press the Sleep/Wake button and hold it. Then press the Home button and release it. Remember that while pressing the Home button, you need to be quick and try your best to release it immediately. Once done, you'll find the screenshot in the Photos app.
Screen rotation: New iPhone users often complain that their screen doesn’t rotate. The reason for the same is that the auto-rotation feature is on. If the feature is off, your screen won’t rotate, even if you rotate your iPhone. So, check it and you'll be happy with the same. By default, the feature is always turned off. In the case of an iPhone 6 Plus, you can easily turn off Display Zoom if you want to rotate your Home screen. To do this, you should go to Settings. In settings, choose Display & Brightness. In there, check Digital Zoom to change the settings. In the case of an iPad, you can simply do the same with a Side Switch that can easily lock the screen orientation.
Fixing or replacing your iPhone’s Screen: It is a fact that many iPhone users often move around with a broken iPhone screen. The reason here is that it is extremely easy to shatter or crack an iPhone’s screen. Most of the users think that they have invested a huge amount for their iPhone, and so they should not spend more unnecessarily. However, it is important to know that you are living dangerously if you are using a cracked iPhone. We would suggest you to get your iPhone’s screen fixed or replaced. One of the ways in which you can get you iPhone’s screen fixed is with the broken screen. There are a number of DIY instructions available for users to understand the process and get the screen fixed or replaced. Getting your screen fixed or replaced is much better that getting a new smartphone, especially a new iPhone. So, opt for this trick and you'll be happy with the savings made. However, it is important to know that you are trying this trick at your own risk, and we are not to be blamed if anything goes wrong. So, be careful with the process.
Changing the iPhone’s font: You can change the font, but you cannot do that throughout iOS. So, the trick is to change the font in selected apps. With this, we are trying to say that if you wish to change the font while using iWorks or iBooks, you can check the respective settings and accordingly change the font size. Interestingly, this will help you make system-wide changes, and you'll be able to enjoy a font size you want.
Scratches off your iPhone: There are a number of effective ways in which you can get scratches off your iPhone, and the most logical way to do it is to choose a screen protector and change it as soon as the current screen protector turns out to be scratchy. Not just the screen protector, you can use many ways in which your iPhone’s screen can be protected. Please note that we are not saying that your iPhone’s glass display isn’t durable, but playing safe is always better. So, start looking for these amazing options and enjoy the journey.
Cleaning the Screen Protector’s sticky side: You should make it a point to clean the screen protector’s sticky side on a regular basis to be sure that you can protect it from smudges, fingerprints, dirt and scratches.
With these simple, yet effective tips, we hope we have helped you make your iPhone experience better. Remember that these tips are not permanent and with regular changes, you might see some tweaks being made in this case too. So, keep checking this section on a regular basis and be happy with the update you receive in this case.
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