How to publish your app in the Google Play market

Go to your Google Developer account:

Click on the Add New Application button.

Select the default language and enter the name of the application. Next, click on the button «Publish an Android App on Google Play».



Then, press the button "Upload Your First APK to Production".


In the opened window, click on the button «Browse files" and choose the downloaded before apk-file.



Wait, until the app uploads.

If you want to upload the update, so click on the "Upload New APK to Production» in this window and repeat the same steps as in the first publication.


May be two main mistakes with the upload process:

  1. You must use a different package name, because "com.appbuilder.u7p5 'already exists in Google Play.

This error means that such apk file has been published previously on another account, or in another application. In this case you need to rebuild the app and try again.

  1. Error with the certificates.


To resolve this error, you should contact our technical support.

Next, go to the tab «Store Listing». In this window, fill out the required fields (marked with *).


Please, be sure that in the screenshots section Phone tab is selected.

In «Privacy Policy» section sure to put a check on the item «Not submitting a privacy policy URL at this time».


Click "Save" button and save your entries


This indicator shows that in this section, all the necessary information has been filled and we can move on to the next section.


Filling the Content rating section.

Enter your email in the form.


Select the appropriate type of application, and then you will be redirected to the next page with the survey.


Answer questions about the contents of the application and click on the button «Save questionaire».


Next, click on the button «Calculate rating".


Then click «Apply rating».


Filling the Pricing & Distribution section.


First of all, specify the price of the application. If you want to make a paid app, then select the menu item and specify the price. Otherwise, click on Free.


Next, select the country where your app will be visible to download from Google Market.


In the "Consent" section you need to note only 2 mandatory items.


Save the result and make sure that the section is filled completely (green indicator).

After that, push “Publish app” button.


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