General set up: How to create Developer account

Creating Google Play developer account: How do I make one?

Creating Google Play developer account is essential for Android developers to enjoy all the features your mobile app has to offer.We've prepared a guide below on how to properly create Google Developer account to get into the benefits Google Play Developer Console can offer.

If you already have a Google account, you could convert it to a Google developer account by going to the Developer Console and proceed after the first 3 bullet points of this guide.


·Go to to make your Google developer account.


·Fill out form below to create Google Developer Account, click Next Step when finished.


·After you've created a Google Account navigate "Back to Google Play Developer Console".


·After reviewing the Google Play Developer Distribution Agreement, acknowledge your agreement, and click Continue to purchase Google Developer account license for one-time $25 fee.


·Enter valid payment information to purchase Google Developer account license, and click Accept and continue.


·Google will now process your payment to make your Google developer account.

 Please note this can take up to 1 business week for Google, you will receive an email notification from Google when your developer account is ready to be activated for use in google developer console.

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