Payment plans manegment

With payment plans you are able to manage user’s rights. You may use a standard model, but it is better to set up plans in the way you need. To do so go to “Reseller Settings” section and open “Payment Plans”. Choose “Create your own plans for your customers” and  click ”Save” button. Now your are able to Edit default plans (they are marked with red color) and Create some new.



Set up for a plan per app:



You need to fill up the information: Plan’s name, Price, Currency, Payment button ID (PayPal button ID), Plan description, Duration. You may Also set up downloads and launches limits. You may Allow or forbid:  Design (to edit an app), Publish (to Create publish requests), Notifications (to send Push or GPS notifications), Monetize (to set up Ad banners), Splashscreen (to change a splashscreen).

Set up for a plan per user:



With this plans you may limit number of apps for one user (at least 1 app per user).

Your Plans will appear here: your_site_name/plans.php you may add that link in menu. On that page users will be able to see their plans and plans, they may subscribe.

The other way to subscribe Apps and Users to the plans is on the “Edit” page for app or user.

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