Creating & Managing Menus

Menu customization feature allows you to create and manage menu items via your Admin Panel.

You can manage the header menu (located at the top of the page) and bottom menu (located at the bottom of the page); create a menu item and associate it with one of the main menus.

NOTE: if your menu item isn't associated with header or footer menu, it will not beavailable for your customers on your website.


Menu Creating

To setup a menu, log into your website, go to and select "Menus" on the left navigation bar.

   Enter the menu name and click "+" button:



NOTE: you can create as many menu sets as needed, but only 2 menu sets are used onthe site.

NOTE: you can use your menu both as "Main menu" and "Bottom menu". Only menusset "Main menu" and "Bottom menu" will be shown on your site. All the others will be hidden.


  • Adding menu items:

To add a menu item, fill out "URL" and "Label" fields and click "Add to Menu" button, then "Save Menu" button. Added items will appear in the tab with your menu name.

You can add as many items as needed.


If you've already created some pages via Admin Panel, you can add them to your menu via "Pages" section where all pages are listed. Locate the pages you would like to add to your menu, click "Add to Menu" button, then "Save Menu" button.




Menu managing

To manage the menu, refer to appropriate tab with the menu name. Drag & drop to:

  •   Change the items order
  •   Create second level menu 



 To edit or delete a menu item, click on the "Down" arrow on the right to expand the edit form. To save changes, click on the "Save Menu" button

 You may customize your menus through the following sections:

 "Main Menu Style"

  "Bottom Menu Style"


 "Second level Menu Style" For each of the menus you can set up: "Text color",  "Font Family",  "Font size", "Font weight".


Once you're done with your menu, click the "Save" button on the bottom o the section, then "Save Menu" button.

NOTE: For each of menu types the styles are set separately.


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