The Localization feature allows you to adopt your reseller website to regional differences.You can use one or more languages on your site. Your users get an opportunity to switch site language.


To setup a localization, log into your website, go to My_site_name.com/wp-admin/ and select "Localization" on the left navigation sidebar in Reseller Settings section. There are three ways to setup a localization:

  • Pick one of the predefined localizations from the list checking checkbox in "Active" column. Selected localization will be applied immediately to your website. You can also chose the default localization checking the radio button in "Default" column on the right.

If you decide to stop using any localization simply uncheck the checkbox. 



  • "Create new" — if none of predefined localizations works for you, you can create your own localization. Click "Create new" button, enter the localization name in the popup and click "Create". New localization will be applied immediately to your website.

NOTE: New localization is preset with English entries by default. It will be updated onyour website as you entering and saving new translations.



Once new localization is created, you may start translating phrases, entry by entry.Click "Save translation" button to apply the changes. Once done — your website will automatically get updated with new translations.



You may also setup new localization, using existing localization as a start point. Click "Create New" button and in the popup check "Create your localization based on existing one" box and select from the list of available localizations.

Then click "Create" button to start new localization. Now you can customize

your new localization. New localization will be applied immediately to your website.



NOTE: existing localizations also include localizations created previously.

  • If you want to edit your localization (the one you've created before) hove your localization name and then click "edit" link under your localization name. After that your localization will be available for editing. image023.jpg


You may filter phrases by category or empty entries.

You may also search for phrases in English or translated phrases using the "Search text" field.

NOTE: in order to find a specific phrase you must check the EXACT match on thewebsite.

  • You can use PoEdit to create localization files. Create one on you computer and then upload it to your site.

Click "Upload localization file" and in the popup choose localization you've prepared the file for.

NOTE: Localization files can be used for existing localization only.


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