How to send an invitation on iTunes Connect

The iBuildApp Support team submits developed on our platform applications to the iTunes App Store and Google Play Market. In this article you would find out how to send an invitation to the iBuildApp Publishing team so that they could submit the application for you.

Adding access to iTunes Connect

  1. Log into your iTunes Connect account;

  2. Go to the Users and Roles section as shown belowhome-page-cropped_2x.png
  3. Create a new useriTunes3.pngPlease note that only users with the Admin or App Manager role can create new user on App Store Connect. To do so, click the + button in Users and Roles and provide iBuildApp as the first name, Publishing Team as last name, and as email address of the new user. For more information, see Add a user in App Store Connect Help;

  4. Assign the Admin role to iBuildApp Publishing team user.

Adding access to Apple Developer

  1. Log into your Apple Developer account and go to Account section;

  2. Go to the People section as shown below1.png
  3. Click on the Invite People button;

  4. Invite as Admin.

After you have completed the all of the described above actions, the iBuildApp Publishing team will receive an invitation from you, which will allow us to submit developed by you application to the iTunes App Store.

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