Is there anyway to make an app that requires a sign in.




  • Marko_345

    Currently that type of feature is not available.

  • Weaverrichard

    Thank You

  • Ajgoldgewert

    Aw man! I needed that too!

  • RaymondN

    It is a feature that is currently being worked on.

  • KeithChong

    Is it possible to make some page of Apps that require user to sign-in?

  • Emr

    Absolute necessity.......!

  • IBA Support

    we are sorry, this feature was not implemented yet.

  • Eric

    Do you have any time frames on when it might be available?

  • Max Reynoso

    do we know when a feature like this will be implemented? or something similar we can use? thank you

  • Guridig

    this feature is URGENT! It could be easily implemented uploading in the APP all the relationship of users and passwords. Continue if matches, goes to the main screen if not...

  • Stacey

    I am looking to design an app for select members only (ie family) and also think the content needs to be it possible to publish to an app store...have the family members download the app..then unpublish ?  so no one else has access to the app? or am I thinking too simplistically?

  • Jacky Wong

    Actually, Login Page is a general function that iBuildaap should have it for business plan members. Most of business app need it for business purpose. Please think about it.

  • Mehrrang Mazhar

    awaiting for your good news on making log in page.

    It is necessary for your app maker in business plans.


    if our app has the log in page we can put our apps in app stores and make money and this is useful for you because we pay you for plans better and more.

    Think about it

  • Alecfasani

    The first request for this feature was back in Dec 2013.

    Any news so far??


  • iBuildApp

    This feature has already been implemented, you can find it in our Feature catalog, or when you select 'change feature' option under the Manage Navigation tab of your App Editor.

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