Certificate and MobileProvision Problems



  • iBuildApp

    we have reviewed your certificate.
    your p12 certificate has the following parameters:
    Bag Attributes

      friendlyName: iPhone Distribution: Joshua Wilson
      localKeyID: D7 7B A0 C1 49 28 92 E2 1E EE D2 12 A1 18 9E 0A 79 9E A4 8C

    subject=/UID=XUQVYA2F72/CN=iPhone Distribution: Joshua Wilson/C=AU
    issuer=/C=US/O=Apple Inc./OU=Apple Worldwide Developer Relations/CN=Apple Worldwide Developer Relations Certification Authority

    it means the certificate is valid iPhone Distribution certificate, but
    the signatures for certificates in p12 file and in mobileprovision file are different:
    the reason could be:
      1. mobileprovision file was created for dev certificate instead of distribution.
      When creating a mobileprovision you need to select the appropriate tab (distribution) on the iTunes Connect website.
      2. mobileprovision file was created before the current certificate was registered in iTunes, or it was created under different dev account.

    Ti fix this, you need to do the following:

    Remove your mobileprovision profile and create a new one:
      1. Open Apple's Distribution Provisioning Profile page
      2. Click the "New Profile" button
      3. Select Distribution Method "App Store" or "AdHoc"
      4. Enter the Profile Name

    Please make sure to select the Distribution tab!

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  • Ray Einolf

    What are the chances you could look at my Distribution cert. I cannot get the .mobileprovision file to upload no matter what I do.

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  • Creative Octopus

    I'm getting the same problem now, I followed your steps and created a new distribution profile but it didn't solve the issue. Can you help us please?

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  • iBuildApp

    Ray, Creative Octopus!
    what do you want me to do?
    we can't publish apps for free for each app maker here at iBuildApp.
    there are 200-300 apps created every day and once we published an app for free for you we will have hundreds of requests every day.
    But we must show our investors the performance and go per development plan.
    so we provide payable service for $199 per app publishing in order to help those ones who can't create at their own.
    we are planning to increase the price from $199 to 299 or $399 in next week per app as we can't spend so much time doing app publishing.
    if there are community members who is willing to do it for you for free or at less price we would be happy to create a directory in our community so you guys can get cheap service from them and we off load the work we don't want to do.
    there are tons of apple app publishing forums on the internet.
    you can review the information.
    we tried to create very detail instructions how to do the app publishing but usually what we learn, you guys, didn't follow all the steps precisely and can't publish an app. http://ibuildapp.com/faq-iphone/#22

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  • Mario Lacombe

    I'm beginning to understand your tricks. You let us built an APPS to publish on Apple, you pretend it's "FREE", and 99,9% of us can't send it because there are always problems with CETIFICATES, MOBILPROVISIONS, get a P12 FILE etc. etc. etc...... after that you try to sell us your stuff. The real reason is, if we don't pay IBUILD we never won't be able to put our APPS on the APPLE site. Good try body.................

    Read your own comments: "so we provide payable service for $199 per app publishing in order to help those ones who can’t create at their own. We are planning to increase the price from $199 to 299 or $399 in next week per app as we can’t spend so much time doing app publishing."

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