App ad hoc version



  • Dirk Schulenberg

    you have to do it like this and , then it should works great

  • iBuildApp

    Dirk, thanka you! for Android there is different tutorial under Android tab on FAQ page

  • Florian Van Bochove

    Thank you for not answering my question! I'm talking about the binary file I'm supposed to be able to download from the "my applications" page. I did everything right last thursday but there is still no "download binary file" option on the my applications page.. This is the problem i'm referring to. It said it would take 10 minutes, it's been 5 days now.

  • Dirk Schulenberg

    Hey when there is something wrong in your certificates it didn`n work ;), please redo all certificates and generate new one step by step and try it again then it should work

  • iBuildApp

    Florian, I hope it works for you. Dirk helped you a lot.

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