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  • J.

    As i suggested on my topic here:
    You app must have some use as an "app", a load of rss feeds and text is no use as an "app", people can use the device browser and go to your website to see that, so the application adds nothing to make it of valuue as an app.
    Look at other business and see what they have done with their apps, ideally businesses in your market, see what they have on offer and do something similar, many businesses do not have an application because their services simply do not require one, if anything they would have a mobile optimised version of their website.
    Review your content, review other applications in the appstore that are the same sort of business and get some user value added to your app.
    Everyone should go by this rule: If you app does nothing more than what a website can offer, then its not worth being an application.

  • Webandcie

    Ok thanks for your answer, but in this case IbuildApp, will be tell us, because I paid to edit my app for nothing.. !!!

  • Webandcie

    I see some App in exemple on I build app, where there is just some text,rss, contact, galery,...and there is no more information to tell us that it could be rejected by app store because it is not an orginal app

  • J.

    You don't pay to edit your app, editing is free, you pay to remove "built by" message and that is only once on ibuildapp or you pay to submit to appstore.
    Its not down to ibuildapp to tell you what to put in your app, it is down to you to spend time looking into other apps similar to yours that are already in the appstore, look at what they are doing and what content they are using, most of the rejections are because people do not put in enough work and throw some text into a template and think thats it, it needs time, ibuildapp may allow non-coders to make apps but it still needs someone to spend time and learn how the application marketplace works, what content is suitable and what content is not, but it seems no one bothers with it and are surprised when they get rejections...
    All i (a user here) or ibuildapp staff can do is suggest, it is down to users to work on their apps, or pay someone to do it for them if they do not have the knowledge of apps or graphic design.
    Sorry if my responses are blunt, just trying to get users that get rejections to see they MUST spend time with their applications :)

  • iBuildApp

    good point.
    this is Apple terms of Services where they clearly stated that Marketing clippins will not be approved.
    review the apps on our app store in the Featured section.
    work on content, rss, pictures, video, locations, events, twitter, etc.
    don't put in your app only links to your web site.
    nobody want to see an app with web site in it.
    App is all about functionality even if you use coupons to promote your product/service

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