iTunes Rejected All 5 Apps Same Reasons



  • iBuildApp

    we actually got approved by apple 15 apps today.
    I believe this is your app that has poorly formated web pages inserted in the WEB page function. instead of using mobile optimized web site you entered web sites created for 20times bigger desktop computers.
    you have created 21 apps, instead of getting numbers i would suggest you to spend time making quality app.
    for example, how do you expect
    1) facebook page to be properly shown if you used News page instead of facebook page? see screen below
    2) how do you expect Schedule to be shown properly if you entered web site created for desktop in your mobile phone web page? see below!
    3) Per apple review team above your game site is a) very slow b) is not related to any other contents of the app c) is a web site created for desktop which you inserted in the mobile web page function.
    use html5 web apps from our site if you can't create pages properly. I never tried to drive my car backwards on a highway and complain to my Audio dealership that their car is a) slow (can't drive at 80 mph speed), b) is unsafe because of poor visibility for driver sitting in reverse - lack big mirrows c) the tickets issued by highway patrol for driving backwards on a highway .
    do you understand the point?
    see your poorly created pages below.

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  • Billy Carson

    Ok, I except this criticism. Please send me show me a few that have been recently approved so I can correct my errors.

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  • iBuildApp

    go to the app store and see featured apps

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  • Guys Talking Fantasy Football


    We found the user interface of your app is not of sufficient quality to be appropriate for the App Store. Apps that provide a poor user experience are not in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines.

    Specifically, we noticed your app:

    - screens were crowded and/or laid out in a way that impeded task completion
    - did not integrate with app content and/or iOS features

    Please evaluate whether you can make the necessary revisions to improve the user experience of your app. Keep in mind that Apple and Apple customers place a high value - and have high standards - on the user interface and the experience an app provides. Apps should be engaging and exciting, enabling users to do something they couldn't do before; or to do something in a way they couldn't do before or better than they could do it before. And apps should be specific to the iOS platform to take the fullest advantage of iOS in delivering a robust user experience. 

    If you feel we didn't understand the features of your app, or that we missed key functionality and your app was incorrectly rejected, you may appeal to the App Review Board at If you cannot - or choose not to - revise your app to be in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines, you may wish to build an HTML5 web app instead. You can distribute web apps directly on your web site; the App Store does not accept or distribute web apps.

    HTML5 is the major new version of HTML and enables audio and video to play natively in the browser without requiring proprietary plug-ins. Using HTML5, web apps can look and behave like native iPhone and iPad apps, and using HTML5's Offline Application Cache, a web app can work even when the device is offline. With web apps, you have flexibility to deliver as much or as little functionality as you desire. 

    To get started with iPhone or iPad web apps, please review Getting Started with iPhone Web Apps.

    For a description of the HTML elements and attributes you can use in Safari on iPhone, check out Safari HTML Reference: Introduction.

    For discrete code-level questions, you may wish to consult with Apple Developer Technical Support. Please be sure to:

    - include the complete details of your rejection issues
    - prepare any symbolicated crash logs, screenshots, and steps to reproduce the issues for when the DTS engineer follows up. 

    For information on how to symbolicate and read a crash log, please see Tech Note TN2151 Understanding and Analyzing iPhone OS Application Crash Reports.

    If you have difficulty reproducing this issue, please try testing the workflow as described in Workflow with Xcode's Archive feature".

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  • iBuildApp

    that's correct, apple rejects web clippings and suggest those who is unable to create beatifull apps that use native device functions to use web apps. you should review apple store review guidelines

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