My app failed to install



  • iBuildApp

    if you followed the instructions how to create adhoc version (see FAQ page for iPhone) and created the build properly including your phone UDID then try to google

    syncing iTunes with app is a tricky process

  • Julia Amisano

    OK...I tried it again. This time I get stuck at the point where I Upload Distribution Provisional Profile. It says  "Error Provisioning Profile does not match Distribution Certificate". ????

  • iBuildApp

    yes, we had discussions in the forum about it. make a search by keyword MATCH in this forum. it's free. or open a ticket on MY APPS page if you are paying customer

  • Julia Amisano

    Ok...I have two apps. I've tried to install them both ad-hoc on my iPhone to test but both apps give me the same error message:  "Error Provisioning Profile does not match Distribution Certificate". So now I need to decide what to do. I have no objection to paying iBuildApp for the company's services. But I need to see a working version on an iPhone in order to judge the quality of the application before going forward.

    So please tell me what are my options. Here are some questions:

    1. If I sign up for the $9.99 per month plan and submit a ticket will I get the help I need to get the app on my iPhone ad-hoc so that I can test it ?

    2. If the answer to question one is YES then what happens if after testing the app on my iPhone I decide that it is not what I expected and I decide not to go forward with it?  Can I cancel the plan after having only paid for one month?

    3. If the answer to question one is NO then what are my options? Do I need to pay $299 to iBuild App in order to get help with publishing my apps?


  • iBuildApp

    Julia, we provide help only for the apps that being paid. so if you subscribe for one apps but ask questions for 2 we would have to charge you for two or reject as our customer. you can cancel your plan at any time and we stop providing you with help. I agree that is a brilliant idea to pay for one month $9.99 and get a tech support worth a few thousand dollars. we don't have problem with that as we provide support only to the clients that enrolled in one of our payable plans.

    as of #3 your options are:

    - search the forum for help as it has tons of helpful information

    - subscribe to one of our plans

    - pay us $299 and we can publish THAT app for you to iTunes.

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